Civil/Probate Division

In this department, you will find successions, adoptions, non support, small claims, damage suits, divorce, custody, collection, expropriation, tutorship, or other civil litigations in DeSoto Parish. Cases are indexed by party name

The Desoto Parish, Louisiana Clerk of Court is pleased to offer online access to our Indexing System. Our users should be aware of several items.

  1. While the Clerk’s Office has attempted to preserve the accuracy of this online version, these records are not official and the Desoto Parish, Louisiana Clerk of Court will not be responsible for any inaccuracies that may be encountered.
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  3. Records available in this search consist of released record. The term “released” means the records have been recorded, indexed, verified, and released for general public viewing. Please note that there may be records that have been assigned Official numbers but not yet completely indexed or available on this search.
  4. Our fees for Online Services are as follows:

    • Search Index, View, & Print Image—$100 per month
    • One-time Setup Fee—$250
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Civil/Advanced Deposit Fees

***********************ALL JURY BONDS AND ANY OTHER BONDS ARE TO BE CASH ONLY BONDS****************************

            Item             Fee type     Fee cost
Adoptions             $250.00
            Clerk’s Docket Suit             $175.00
            Curator Fee             $150.00
            Each Additional Defendant             $75.00
            Garnishment Petition             $250.00
            Interdictions             $250.00
            Judgement Debtor Rule             $175.00
            Mandamus Suits             $250.00
            Motion for Summary Judgement             $175.00
            New Suit             $250.00
            Rule to Show Cause             $175.00
            Small Successions < $75,000             $175.00
            Subpoenas (in Parish)  (Allow 48 business hours for service)             $75.00
            Subpoenas (out of Parish) (Allow 48 business hours for service)             $100.00
            Subsequent Petitions    Reconventional Demand/ Third Party Demand /Supplemental Petition /Amended Petition/   Cross-Claim             $250.00 each
            Successions             $250.00
            Tutorships             $250.00

Civil Breakdown

            Item             fee type             fee cost
            Act of Congress/Exemplified Certificate             $15.00
            Administering Oath             per Witness /per Juror             $2.00 /$2.00
            Appeals             per page             $5.00
            Battered Women’s Shelter Fee             $10.00
            Copies             Certified Copy/ Conformed Copy /Copy per page             $5.00/ $3.00 /$1.00
            Court Attendance             per session             $20.00
            Fax Confirmation Certificate             $15.00
            Fax Filed Pleading             + pleading costs             $10.00
            File Pleadings: Civil, Probate, Etc.             First Page /Each additional page/ Paper exhibits per page/ All other exhibits             $6.00 /$4.00/ $2.00 /$5.00
            Indexing             Each Name             $2.00
            Initialization Fee             $20.00
            Issuing Document             With notice/Without notice             $20.00/$15.00
            Jamis Fee             $1.50
            Judges Supplemental Fee             $22.50
            Judicial Commitments             $75.00
            Judicial Expense Fund             $15.00
            Jury Filing Fee             $150.00
            Minute Entries             $5.00
            Postage & Special Character             Actual Costs